Top 15 Online Investment Companies to start your Digital Career in 2018

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Update on 16th November 2017:

Online Investment Companies have been around for decades. As everyone wants to avail the opportunity of earning money the most right and convenient way possible, investment advisors and stockbrokers are increasing. Why not? They help us to improve our investment plans with their advice. The most important thing about online investing money knows where to online invest. Therefore, the advice of an online broker or investment advisor is also very important, especially for beginners.Online Investment Companies

Since the internet took hold globally from 90’s, investing online has become the most convenient way to make a digital career. E-Trade and Ameritrade were the first who offered low commission. Moreover, they had the direct control of the portfolio of investment for analysis of requirements. Consequently, the services are being provided by these companies. Furthermore, they provided online brokers as a middleman with whom investors could set up their digital career, with direct control on portfolios. These online investment companies kept on growing till now and the loss seems to be very less.

It is estimated by My Private Banking, hybrid robot services automated investment software compiled with human advice will constitute over 10% of total investment wealth by 2025. Furthermore, as a number of online investment companies and online brokerage is increasing day by day, so is one’s choice. There are various online platforms where one can invest but which one is the best is the main question. So, the 15 top online investment companies are enlisted below where one can invest to start a good digital career.

Online Investment Companies

Online Investment Companies: Betterment

The main purpose of Betterment online investment company is to focus on an online investing portfolio. The online portfolio s designed to optimize returns and minimize risk. Moreover, they provide 2.9 percent higher returns than most of the average do-it-yourself investors. Their first priority is automation by services which is to make smarter and efficient choices.

To be the best online investment management company, the Betterment has great value, philosophy, services, and registration process.

Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios 

Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios market is an online advisory service itself. They help in rearranging the portfolio according to the goals one wants to achieve. Furthermore, they also analyze and rebalance one’s portfolio, helping in work towards one’s savings. Finally, the most important feature of Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolio is that they do not ask for any account service, commissions or advisory fees.

Online Investment Companies


Future Advisor

As the name indicates, the Future Advisor is the online investment company, which advices the already existing investment accounts and channels. They help the investors with mutual work to maximize the benefits and with more efficiency. It prioritizes automated online investment management by its proprietary algorithm, affiliated with its personalized advice from financial advisors.  People with already existing accounts would hesitate to hand over their portfolios directly, but Future advisor assures that the custody would be in trustable hands.

Motif Investing

Motif Investing keep themselves apart from the online investing communities rather they position themselves as ‘concept-driven’ trading platform. Hardeep Walia Founded Motif Investing in 2010. They had the vision to fulfill the motives of consumers who can invest online. It has a bundle of up to 30 stocks or funds coming under their name. It was ranked fourth on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list and has received $126.5 million in VC funding.

Online Investment Companies

Personal Capital

 The purpose of Personal Capital is to merge the concept of online financial advice and with the most updated investment management software for consumers. They believe that this will provide more accessible online investment management to consumers. Moreover, Personal Capital wants the online management and advice to be more honest and transparent. They manage $3.9 billion assets and they have 1.3 billion registered users.

Swell Investing

Swell Investing not just adopts a super-basic strategy to investment, yet it additionally enables you to put resources into companies. It is controlled by Pacific Life Insurance Company, so it has a long history in the monetary world, which is constantly used for significant serenity.

Online Investment Companies

Swell’s portable stage makes it simple to contribute with the swipe of a finger and to try and set up week after week or month to month stores into your accounts. You can set up a record for just $50, and keep in mind that the 0.75% yearly charge may appear to be steep, this is on the grounds that Swell.


Bloom has a different approach and it is more focused on sponsored 401k and 403b. It uses robot advisor technology to optimize investment made by the company one’s working in for retirement plans. The Bloom has straightforward pricing. They charge $10 a month no matter how large one’s investment is. Also, they do not charge any extra fees in case of changing rates. Moreover, Bloom has no minimum investment requirement.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has a large selection of investments and provides an investment opportunity for every investor. One can invest in mutual funds or use advanced technology for more efficient trading. They provide investment options include stocks and options, ETFs, IRAs, mutual funds, bonds, forex and International Stock Exchange. Furthermore, they also provide extensive free research through which one can make wise decisions on one’s own.

Online Investment Comapnies

Trade Station

Trade Station provides all the other tools which are essential for long-term investments. Many other online investment companies do not provide such facility. But if they do, they do charge more for being such sophistication while trade station charges $5 per trade.

Ally Invest

Ally Invest provide customer services for both technical issues and if someone has a question regarding trading. It offers all the investing offers such as stocks, options, ETFs, IRAs, mutual funds, bond, forex, and trading at international level. Their commission worth $4.95 and provides a lot of value for that low price tag. Moreover, it isn’t as well-known as some of its competitors, but it’s building a healthy reputation for the quality.

Online Investment Companies

Option House

Options House is the best option for active traders because of the low stock trading commission that is $4.95. Moreover, it does not have penalty fees. It provides the facility to investors the maintenance of an account. Also, Options House facilitates with professional grade stock analysis research and brilliant trading tools.

Options Xpress

The purpose of Options Xpress is to provide maximum discount broker for investors. It mainly focuses on stock trading and provides a selection of investment products including, ETFs, and mutual fund.  The value is $3.50 per contract, but you can save money if you’re a high-volume trader.

Online Investment Companies

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is the best because of its research offerings from BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research. Moreover, it has great customer service and it is a great choice for casual traders. However, its commissions at $6.95 per trade, and there’s no account minimum.

Scott Trade

Scott trade has a great customer service which can make easier for investors to go through all kinds of investments. They provide various facilities to the investors and it has a large network. Scott trade’s commission is reasonably priced at $7 per trade and there is no account minimum for IRAs. Moreover, the brokerage accounts for only $2,500.

Online Investment Companies

Realty Shares

Realty Shares is best for the non-traditional approach to investing. It allows one to invest in a portion of a real estate investment projects without directly dealing with it. They are quite suitable for investors with really fewer incomes and are interested in real estate investment at a lower price. Therefore, the minimum investment of Realty Shares is $5000. The only con is that one’s investment is not liquid, so that person has to wait for completion of the project.

Wealth Front

Wealth Front is the best for the beginners who have no idea where to invest their money. It provides the advice regarding finances and it is a fully automated investment management. After the risk assessment is completed, one can review their portfolio and fund an account. Moreover, once the person funds an account the Wealth Front’ software will invest money that person.

Online Investment Companies


Online investment companies have been managing investor’s investment for ages. Even today, people tend to invest and make a digital career. But few of them know how and where to invest. Therefore, these online investment companies not only help in giving advice but also get the direct custody of portfolio, so that they can analyze the situation. According to this analysis, they rebalance the portfolio. This rearranged portfolio helps investors to invest as he/ she desires. Moreover, these online investment companies also provide software which has automated investment management which makes things easier for the investor. Online Investment Companies

In the modern day life, the internet has become so much common. It is accessible to almost everyone. Money investing online never disappoints anyone. It should be spent carefully and with the guidance of a broker or an online investment company. This would be the great way to establish an online career, especially for beginners. The beginners are not well aware of the categories in trading thus they should always consult a broker or an online investment company.

Thus online investment company of 2018 is the place where one can establish their digital career with a good experience. For more related articles please visit Online Money Investment.