What exactly is it! that we are going to invest in?

You are going to invest in new websites. Niche (topic) for these sites will be searched by us. We shall also decide the business model, for example whether it will be an adsense (Google ads) website, Amazon, affiliate site or any other profit making module.

How do you claim it to be 100% risk free when there is always a risk in business?

We know as vague as it sounds, it is possible. There is risk if you invest all of your resources into 1 thing and that doesn't work. However, we don't go down that way. We divide your investment into 2 equal portions. 1 portion is utilized to make small websites(at least 10). After those websites are put to work, only the Top earners with most revenue in 2 months and best future profitability will be picked to utilize other half of investment. So, with our years of experience, you can be assured that your investment is going to work for you.

How many months would it take to recover my investment?

Although websites start making money in 3 to 4 months. It will take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to get your full investment back. However, you can not only take your investment back within this short period of time but also earn 30% guaranteed ROI within 1 year.

Why Us? Why not stocks?

That's a  valid question but consider these points before coming anywhere closer to making a decision
  1. Do stocks secure your investment?
  2. Have you considered the broker fee you have to pay? It's higher than you think
  3. Do you have enough investment and experience?
  4. Do you have multiple streams of income?
  5. Does it provides stable source of earning?
If your answer is No to any of above questions. Don't make that mistake. You might heard about few success stories but you don't know about 100s of disastrous attempts made every single day.

Any other  questions?

Please send us an email to support@oninemoneyinvestment.com


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