Best Cryptocurrency to invest 2018


OK, so you are sitting on your laptop to invest. You might have made a lot of money in the market, but you want more or you might be just getting started. This is going to help you decide.

The Cryptocurrencies reached $ 600 billion in market value after the restart with the inevitable $ 700 billion mark just around the corner.

The evolution of the prices of major currencies remains a mystery. But it does not have to be that way.

The pain of uncertainty
Cryptocurrencies are fleeting and irrational beasts.

Simple forecasting methods significantly outperform or undercut the potential of a volatile currency.

For example, moving averages are often used to estimate future prices. However, moving averages suffer many pitfalls that make them poor estimates of volatile markets.

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Every successful big investor has a plan. Today you want to add an additional tool to your arsenal.

Best method for estimating CRYPTO AWARDS
In my previous article about estimating the evolution of bitcoin prices, I have spoken of a method commonly used in the stock market to estimate prices.

This method is a Monte Carlo simulation using the geometric model of Brownian motion.

I do not want to cover the whole methodology here, but basically I will:

Get historical daily prices for 10 major cryptocurrencies
Calculate the daily returns
Simulate a year
Simulate a year several times
At the end of the article you will receive the following:

A one-year simulation of the most important cryptocurrencies
Probable price range of each cryptocurrency
A downloadable template for completing
A Note on Predictions, Simulations, and Recommendations: Monte Carlo simulations are like guidelines and tools, not gospel. I offer no financial advice or investment.


What is Bitcoin?
You know what Bitcoin is, stop it.

Simulation of one year

One year was simulated 1000 times

We can be sure that the price of Bitcoin will fall between $ 9095 and $ 371,588 with a median of $ 60,837.


What is Bitcoin?
On the Bitcoin Cash project website:

“Bitcoin Cash is an effective electronic peer-to-peer Internet that is completely decentralized, with no central bank or third-party features.”
In fact, what else about the Bitcoin core.

Simulation of one year

One year was simulated 1000 times

We can be sure that Bitcoin cash prices will fall between $ 197 and $ 180,288 with a median of $ 4,839.


What is Ethereum?
Astraleum is a decentralized intelligent platform contract for execution: as expected, without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or interference of third parties.

Ethereum was recently employed. For the next big change, several steps have been taken to reach a new consensus method.

From Jordan Daniel to

Byzantium Astraleum Fork considers only half of a two-part process designed by a decentralized application platform to move to a new method of reaching consensus – proof of participation. The next high-frequency range called Constantinople was discussed at the meeting of the Central Astraleum Developer recently and could include updating Vitalik Casper Buterin.
Simulation of one year

One year was simulated 1000 times

We can be 95% sure that Ethereum prices will fall between $ 193 and $ 8,027 with a median of $ 1,267.


What is EOS?
EOS is a block-based operating system designed to support distributed applications on a commercial scale by providing all the basic functionality needed.

Simulation of one year

One year was simulated 1000 times

We can be 95% sure that EOS prices will fall between $ 0.98 and $ 1.386 with a median of $ 33.


What is Litecoin?
Litecoin’s reputation is faster transaction processing. It uses a script-based work-trial algorithm to reference the most popular computers and GPUs that most people already have.

The ability to reach regular computers and GPUs is becoming a major differentiator of the Bitcoin mining population.

Simulation of one year

One year was simulated 1000 times

We can be 95% sure that Litecoin’s prices will fall between $ 42 and $ 12,241 with a median of $ 745.


What is OmiseGO?
OmiseGO builds two things:

Decentralized exchange
Liquidity providers mechanism
Clearinghouse messaging network
Gateway blockchain is supported by assets
OmiseGO does not belong to any party. Instead, it is an open network of validators that dictates the behavior of all participants.

Other than that, you can have a look at these additional price predictions from Steemit.

Ethereum Classic Current Price: ~10
————End of 2017: 75
————Mid 2018: 450
————End of 2018: 1000

Dash Current Price: ~125
————End of 2017: 750
————Mid 2018: 2500
————End of 2018: 7,500

Golem Current Price: ~.33
————End of 2017: 1
————Mid 2018: 5
————End of 2018: 10

DigixDOA Current Price: ~81.25
————End of 2017: 200
————Mid 2018: 2500
————End of 2018: 16000

Token Card Current Price: ~1
————End of 2017: 25
————Mid 2018: 1000
————End of 2018: 12000

Steem Current Price: ~1.11
————End of 2017: 2.50
————Mid 2018: 25.00
————End of 2018: 125.00

Ripple Current Price: ~.3
————End of 2017: 1.25
————Mid 2018: 1
————End of 2018: 0

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