15 Best Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

15 Best Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

The year 2018 can bring you prosperity in the event that you completely make the best use of all the investment opportunities on the planet.

It truly does not matter what income bracket you fall in. Regardless of whether you are a coal mineworker or a million dollar business person, you should put your cash in an opportune place with the goal that you get the greatest return out of your investments.

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Great Investment Opportunities in 2018

So, read the accompanying article for 15 extraordinary opportunities to put your cash far and wide in the year 2018.

1-Investment Opportunities: US Equities

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

In case you are searching for long-haul investment in equities or stocks then US stocks are the best for you. Remember, stocks of developing marketing are not looking great. China’s industrial yield and development rate have been backing off and other western markets like UK, Germany, France and so forth are not looking great as a result of Brexit.

However, US advertise looks better than average for a more extended day and age.

So, if you are searching for higher returns following 3 to 5 years then you can begin purchasing stocks of US organizations like Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. listed on NASDAQ or S and P 500. The technology stocks have lesser hazard risk.

The total amount of investment relies upon your net income. You can begin from $1000 and go up to $1000000.
The return on the investment can be 10 t0 20 %. US equities are by a wide margin the most secure bet.
Different category of people who can invest in Us equities:

  • People with annual Income more than $100,000
  • Investment Amount: $1000 – $10,000
  • Investment Period: 5 – 10 Years
  • Return on Investment: 10% – 20%
  • Risks Involved: Medium to High

2-Investment Opportunities: Putting resources into ETFs

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

If you need to go for long haul investment in equities without taking much risk then you can go for ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. An ETF puts resources into stocks that are constituents of an index.

However, if you feel that putting resources into equities market isn’t sheltered then ETFs offers you adaptability of a stock and assurance of a fund. There is an extensive variety of ETFs you can browse. For instance, stocks, bonds, land, products, currencies and so on.

ETFs enables you to broaden your investments. In the event that you were intending to put $5000 in purchasing stocks, then with ETFs, you can diversify your portfolio and separate same venture sum into three like $3000 into S and P Depositary Receipts and $1000 each into gold ETF and Euro ETF.

However, the real impediment with ETFs is the facilitating charges. Brokers can charge to 10% for every exchange which is an immense amount.

ETFs are another option to equities.

  • People with early Income over $100,000 can invest
  • Investment Amount: $5000 – $10,000
  • Investment Period: Not Applicable
  • Return on Investment: 10% – 12%
  • Risks Involved: Much Risky

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3- Investment Opportunities: Mutual Funds

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

Individuals frequently ask which is better, Mutual Funds or ETFs. The appropriate response relies on the type of investor you are. In the event that you are not a dynamic investor and don’t take the market frequently then the best venture choice is Mutual Funds. Putting resources into equities is bit dangerous yet Mutual Fund accompanies right around zero risks.

You can go for effectively managed mutual funds which have no risk in light of the fact that your fund manager will make all the decisions.

You get the opportunity to pick stocks from a wide assortment of sectors. Index funds permit you broadening and the risk isn’t that high. However, there is an expense for mutual funds and they charge you a yearly expense of 1.25% – 2%.

  • People with high Income over $125,000 annually can invest
  • Investment Amount: $1000 to No Limit
  • Investment Period: 10 Years – 15 Years
  • Return on Investment: 10% – 12%
  • Risks Involved: Low Risk

4- Investment Opportunities: Bonds

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

Bonds are another approach to invest your savings if you don’t know about equities or mutual funds. Bonds likewise offer you an extensive variety of choices. So, you can go for the correct type of bond that gives you higher returns.

In the US, there are two kinds of savings bonds. The series EE bonds give you a fixed interest rate and series I pay interest balanced for the expansion rate. For EE series most extreme sum is $10,000 per individual every year.

Private Bonds: However in the event that you live outside the US then you can purchase other private bonds that are under government control and for a long time period they will pay you up to 8% interest.

  • People with Medium Income Group can invest
  • Investment Amount: $5000 – $10,000
  • Investment Period: 10 Years to 15 Years
  • Return on Investment: 8% plus
  • Risks Involved: High Risk

5- Investment Opportunities: Commodities like Gold, Silver

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

In this section, we will discuss putting your cash in commodities. The two types of commodities physical like valuable metals and ETF. The most valuable is gold bullion and coin. The value of gold and silver changes and there is a ton of risk included putting resources into Gold bullion.

You can purchase gold bullion; bars or coins store in the bank or home and pitch it to neighborhood jewelers at whatever point right opportunities come. The standard degree of profitability can fluctuate from 3% to 10% contingent available.

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At the present time, 1 ounce of gold is sold at $1323. While purchasing gold you should maintain a strategic distance from premium charges. At best premium charges ought not to be over 10% otherwise you won’t get any profits while offering the gold. In the event that you don’t feel safe with physical gold then you can go for gold ETF.

  • People with High Income Household can invest
  • Investment Amount: $5000 to No Limit
  • Investment Period: Over 10 Years
  • Return on Investment: 3% – 10%
  • Risk Involved: Medium Risk

6- Investment Opportunities: Fixed or Term Deposit

Money Investment Opportunities in 2018

It’s obvious that fixed deposit isn’t for high-income household yet at the same time we have said it here. Term Deposit or fixed deposit is the most secure approach to invest your saving. The financing cost that you acquire on your investment is considerably higher than a saving account.

Nations like United States, Japan, Germany gives low-interest rates for savings accounts and fixed deposits. In the event that we discuss India then the venture time frame can begin from 7 days (15 days, 45 days) and go up to 10 years.

The return on venture can be around 4% to 7.50% depending on your investment day and time frame. However, the profits on fixed deposit are taxable. Banks deduct the TDS on premium if the premium sum for a Fixed Deposit is more than Rs 10,000.

The tax rate is 10% on the off chance that you have a Pan Card and without Pan Card, they deduct 20%. So, if you are searching for long-haul safe speculation for a long time with 7% to 8% return at that point Fixed Deposits are the best.

Recurring Deposit: Common people in India can store in exceptional sort of FD called Recurring Deposit where individuals can store cash each month simply like EMI.

  • People of Salaried Class with Medium Income can invest
  • Investment Amount: Up to Rs 500,000/ –
  • Investment Period: 10 Years to 20 Years
  • Return on Investment: 7% – 8%
  • Risk Involved: Very Low

7. Investment Opportunities: Company Fixed Deposits

investment opportunities

The very individuals who don’t care for bank fixed deposit can go for Company Fixed Deposits. The main motivation to put resources into Company FDs is the higher interest rate. A best appraised Company FD gives significantly higher returns at 10% to 12% contrasted with Bank FDs.

To get higher returns you need to pick right venture period. So, you don’t pull back cash before development. However, things are not that basic. Putting resources into a Company FD includes risk contrasted with Bank FD.

At some point, it happens that a high evaluated Company FD gives you low financing cost contrasted with low appraised Company FD in view of the hazard factor. So, on the off chance that you are willing for long-haul speculation with some hazard at that point Company FDs is superior to Bank FD.

  • People of Salaried Class with High Income can invest
  • Investment Amount: Rs 500,000 – Rs 100,00,00/ –
  • Investment Period: Over 10 Years
  • Return on Investment: 10% – 12%
  • Risk Involved: Medium Risk

Note: These seven investment opportunities are for people with high income. It simply means the lowest investment is $500,000 and greatest is $1 million.

8- Investment Opportunities: IPO

Investment Opportunities

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) is only the stock market launch of another organization where stocks are sold to institutional or huge investors and they thus pitch to the overall population like you and me.

This could be the least demanding and fastest approach to get greatest profits for your investments. For investing your cash you need to pick an organization that will be a victor. However, the hazard is high and just high hazard financial specialists can consider putting resources into IPO.

In the event that you are an insider and have satisfactory information about the organization then you can bear to put resources into IPOs. Generally, avoid IPOs. Investors can limit the risk by doing thorough research and picking an IPO that has capable financier rather than a less presumed one.

  • People have Income over $500,000 every year can invest
  • Investment Amount: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Investment Period: Not Applicable
  • Return on Investment: Not Applicable
  • Risk Involved: Very High Risk

9- Investment Opportunities: Invest in a Growing Business

Investment Opportunities

You may have heard about seed funding. Rather than beginning another business from the scratch for what reason wouldn’t you be able to put resources into a business which will be effective?

If it’s not too much trouble put resources into a business is very not quite the same as giving a loan. Here you give cash and moved toward becoming co-proprietor of the new organization or a start-up. You are qualified for a level of the whole business and furthermore to the consistent income stream.

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However, to put resources into a business that will be fruitful you need to settle on a correct choice at the opportune time. Else you may lose your money. You additionally need to appreciate the business and predict whether the plan of action will work out or not.

There is a number of stories everywhere throughout the world for most significant new companies where speculators earned even 1000 times returns of their venture. I am not saying that you need to put resources into a start-up this way. Be that as it may, you pick a little organization where you can make a venture of $50,000 to $100,000.

  • People who have Income of $1 Million annually can invest
  • Investment Amount: $50,000 – $1 Million
  • Investment Period: 5 – 10 years
  • Return on Investment: Depends
  • Risk Involved: Medium to High Risk

10- Investment Opportunities: Peer to Peer Lending

Investment Opportunities

Peer to Peer Lending is another type of venture. It hasn’t been there for over 5 years. Here you lend money to others and they pay you back with an interest rate.

The interest rate relies on the amount you will loan. For the most part for investors sites like Lending Club are putting forth 5% to 7% interest. Your investment can begin from $5000. There is no maximum farthest point.

Peer to Peer Lending can be unsafe in light of the fact that your cash can go into default and you lose cash. Moreover, outside the USA there is still no understanding of Peer to Peer loaning.

  • People who have income more than $25000 each year can invest
  • Investment Amount: $5000 – No Limit
  • Investment Period: 5 – 10 years
  • Return on Investment: Depends
  • Risk Involved: High Risk

11- Investment Opportunities: Real Estate

Investment Opportunities

Putting resources into Real Estate can be the most profitable investment opportunity. There are a few ways you can put resources into the real estate.

The most widely recognized is purchasing property directly. You buy the property either for lease, capital gains on the deal or to flip the house for a quick benefit. While purchasing a property you need to take care all of these things since you also have to factor in taxes included.

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Be that as it may, the ideal approach to investing in purchasing a property and offering it for capital increases. Here you need to check out the world where you think the cost is low right now. However, it can take off in coming years.

For instance, in Dubai the rates are level. However, property costs are ascending in Manhattan, New York. If we consider  Hong Kong then in recent years costs have risen 137%. India is additionally a decent market at the display on account of the falling property costs. Along these lines, you need to look a correct city and purchase now with the goal that you can offer for high cost later on.

  • People who have income  $250,000 – 1 Million each year can invest
  • Investment Amount: Depends
  • Investment Period: Up to 5 Years
  • Return on Investment: High
  • Risk Involved: Medium Risk

These four investment opportunities are for people who have fixed income. Essentially for those people who are retired or an employee of the government or and somewhere else.

However, if your investment amount is standard and additionally you don’t want to take any risk then go for the below give three opportunities.

12- Investment Opportunities: Pension Plans or Public Provident Fund

Investment Opportunities

A provident fund is the most surely understood type of long-haul investment. In the event that you are a typical man with a middle salary then you are certainly going to put resources into the provident fund.

The income is tax-exempt and the premium you procure is more than 8%.

When you open the PF account in a bank or post office the cash is secured for next 15 years. You can expand the secure period for over 5 years. You procure the accumulated dividends of 8% on this amount.

However, you are permitted to pull back a sum simply following 6 years, before that you can’t pull back any cash. PF is extremely incredible for individuals who work in an administration segment where month to month pay is settled.

  • People who belong to Low Income Salaried Class can invest
  • Investment Amount: Depending Upon Your Salary
  • Investment Period: 15 years – 20 Years
  • Return on Investment: 8%
  • Risk Involved: No Risk

13- Investment Opportunities: IRAs and 401(k)

Investment Opportunities

In the event that you are searching for the investment opportunity in other annuity designs then IRA (singular retirement design) and 401 (K) are the best choices to put resources into. Despite the fact that there are many kinds of IRAs however the best are the Traditional IRA and the Roth IRA.

In the event that you are a traditionalist investor and would prefer not to go for any risk in investing your money then the Roth IRA is the best alternative. Your speculation is 100% secured.

Roth IRA offers you greater availability and the withdrawals in Roth IRA are typically tax exempt while the Traditional IRA gives you no tax cuts on the off chance that you pull back cash before retirement age.

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Correspondingly putting your cash in 401 (k) additionally gives you tax cuts. However, putting resources into 401 (k) can be a sham because of high expenses and poor investment decisions.

  • People who belong to Salaried Class can invest
  • Investment Amount: $1000 – $5000
  • Investment Period: 5 years – 20 Years
  • Return on Investment: 5% to 8%
  • Risk Involved: No Risk

14- Investment Opportunities: Treasury Securities like TIPS

Investment Opportunities

In case you are still searching for diversifying your investment portfolio at that point go for Treasury Securities. A portion of the normal known treasury securities are bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS i.e. Treasury inflation-protected securities.

Bills and notes are for here and now (for only a year) and bonds can be risky. So, the best choice is TIPS. TIPS is most appropriate for individuals with normal pay or salaried class. Here the essential amount is shielded from inflation and it increases as the expansion increases and decreases with deflation.

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When you accomplish the development you are paid either adjusted principal or original principal whichever is more prominent. Henceforth it basically implies you don’t lose any cash putting resources into TIPS.

  • People who belong to Salaried Class with Medium Income Range can invest
  • Investment Amount: $100 Minimum Purchase
  • Investment Period: 5 Years – 30 Years
  • Return on Investment: 5% – 6%
  • Risk Involved: No Risk

15- Investment Opportunities: Collectables

Investment OpportunitiesWe have discussed investment opportunities for individuals with various household incomes. We specified about the high-income group, high salary group, and salaried class.

Yet, I didn’t discuss individuals who collect art as a side interest. So, the last investment opportunity is devoted to individuals who are ardent workmanship authority. You can put your cash into work of art, collectibles, mint pieces, artistic creations, valuable stones like emerald, ruby, topaz and so on and even wine.

There are purchasers in this world who are ready to throw even $1 million for only one painting or a work of art. You as an investor must be sufficiently keen to purchase these collectibles at a lower cost and offer it at a higher cost.

  • This opportunity is for  Avid Art Collectors and Not for Everyone
  • Investment Amount: $1000 – $500,000
  • Investment Period: Not Applicable
  • Return on Investment: half to even 1000%
  • Risk Involved: Low Risk

So,  these are the 15 best investment opportunities for people belongs to different income groups. Which opportunity best suits you and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We would love to hear you. May you have a prosperous 2018. Good Luck!!!