Asset Management Companies That Are Leading Online Investment Platforms

Asset Management Companies
asset management companies

What is asset management and online money investment companies? It’s a topic that has been on my mind lately. So, today’s post is about Asset management companies.

Asset Management

Asset management can be defined as: “it is the process of taking investor’s investment and putting it to work in various investments comprising bonds, real estate, stocks, master limited partnership, private equity and many more.

Online money investments are handled according to an investment mandate. A number of asset management companies constrain their services to rich individuals, people, and institutions.  This is because it might be tremendously difficult to offer significant and beneficial services at a cost that is worth the effort to serve people with less investment.

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The rich investors have their private accounts and they deposit their cash into the account, and sometimes in a third-party guardian. The portfolio manager runs the portfolio for the client using a partial power of attorney. This partial power based on a number of variables such as the client’s unique circumstances, risks, and preferences as well.

Positions can be modified or selected for income needs, tax circumstances, liquidity expectations, moral and ethical values, and personal psychological profiles. It is actually a customized experience for the better firms.  Due to this reason, it isn’t unusual for the prosperous to have a relationship with an asset management company of which you have never heard, relationships frequently lasting for generations as assets are transferred to heirs.  Following are some online money investment companies that the typical American has never heard of.

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Asset Management Companies That Are Leading Online Investment Platforms

To make the best use of our money we have been working with investment advisors for several years. However, the consistency and accuracy of their valuable advice have always been in question. We really never cared about it that much until the time we started having choices. All of us know that software is taking over the world. Now we have choices that are based on analytics and automation. These days, approximately $19 billion is managed by online investment companies. Such companies are sometimes known as robo-advisors. These comprise:

1- Betterment

Betterment is a well-known robo-advisor which manages over $2 billion in 93,000 accounts. In order to manage the asset, Betterment uses index funds. They also use an automated allocation system based on an investor’s risk tolerance and the time-frame. The company helps the people to have much better control on their wealth and also to grow it with the assistance of advanced technology. Betterment has received $105 million in just five rounds of funding.

2- Wealthfront

This is another online asset management company. Wealthfront is the world’s largest automated investment service with more than $2.5 billion in client asset. The company effectively manages a varied, constantly re-balanced portfolio of index fund on the behalf of customers’ at a much less price and exceptionally tax-efficient manner.

Wealthfront doesn’t charge any fee on the 1st $10,000 then charge merely 0.25% per year on assets in extra of $10,000. There are no hidden trading commissions, zero account maintenance charges and no additional per month charges. Currently, they are raising the bar by lowering the minimum capital required to open a Wealthfront account for only $500.

3- Motif Investing

This is a Silicon Valley-based company. Motif Investing is an online brokerage which permits investors to invest in stock and bond portfolios. These portfolios are built around everyday ideas and wide-ranging economic trends and develop customized motifs. This online investment company has developed a distinctive financial product known as “motifs”. This motif works like low-cost exchange-traded funds. A “motif” is a registered broker-dealer and a member of SIPC.

To date, the Motif investing has outstretched $126.5 Million in six Rounds of funding. Investors consist of Foundation Capital, Goldman Sachs, Ignition Partners and Norwest Venture Partners. Board members comprise former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt and former Wall Street Executive Sallie Krawcheck.

4- FutureAdvisor

This online asset management firm is looking to bring top-flight wealth management services to the middle class. Not like other services which typically target tech-savvy and wealthier users, the typical FutureAdvisor clients has approximately $100,000 to invest and also has numerous accounts with diverse institutions.

In some ways, FutureAdvisor’s service is similar to other offerings on the market. It uses algorithms to optimize the portfolio for a would-be customer. The company also offers free services around portfolio optimization and the aggregation of investment data into a single source. Additionally, if a customer wants FutureAdvisor to actually implement an investment strategy, the company can do that.

5- Personal Capital

This asset management company’s service syndicates free tools that collect and analyze all of the investor’s financial data with a financial advisor to assist cope and raise his investments. Personal Capital has managed more than $800 million invested by a number of clients. The company’s services are used by over 600,000 Americans to track $100 billion+ in accounts on the absolutely free software.

6- Hedgeable

This online asset management company was founded in 2009. The company computerizes refined investing for busy professionals in less than five minutes with no minimum capital required. Moreover, it brings the wealth management services of the ultra-high worth to the masses.

Hedgeable has also developed several exclusive systems to offer services that were formerly merely available to the ultra-high net worth, such as risk management, hedging, bitcoin investing, impact investing and private equity. The good thing is that there is no minimum investment to access the Hedgeable platform.

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7- Nutmeg

Nutmeg is specializing in investments, ISAs, and pensions as well. The company offers an online investment service which is intelligent, straightforward and truly fair. To date, the Nutmeg has established $37.3 million in two rounds of funding.

7- Wealth Horizon

This is a low-cost online asset management service. The company offers investors investment advice starting from as little as £12.50. Wealth Horizon is directing savers that fall into the so-called “advice gap.” Those who don’t want to pay the huge money for a financial advisor’s expertise.

8- Swanest

Swanest based out of London. It is an online automated wealth manager using advanced smart technology to build and manage custom-fit investment plans.  Moreover, Swanest also helps their clients to reach their future financial goals.

9- MoneyFarm

It is the only online financial advisor in Italy. MoneyFarm provides first-class investment advisory to small savers through a scalable, UX-driven, enjoyable and hassle-free platform. Furthermore, the company’s clients are also able to build their portfolio with MoneyFarm’s asset allocation recommendations. They can manage it through time and execute all the transactions in a quite simple and efficient way.

10- Vammo

It is a leading German robo-advisor. Vammo is devoted to providing private individuals with an easy and spontaneous access to capital markets. It enables everyone to invest their capital profitably and at minimum cost.

11- Owlhub

This company offers a transparent, stretchy and easy-to-use solution for young professionals. Although, it is the app yet makes investing as hassle-free as a client’s piggy bank. Week after week, a user picks how much he/she wants to save and the company invests the customer’s savings into an ETF portfolio that matches their needs. That way, clients can make their money work for them.

12- Moneyvane

Moneyvane is the 1st Swiss automated investment platform which is designed to considerably lessen operating costs. The Moneyvane’s charges are much lower as compared to many other financial advisors. However, the firm uses fully varied investment portfolios.

Moreover, the Moneyvane clients can customize their investments founded on how much they want to earn, their risk appetite in addition to having full control of their investments. Everything is recorded, making the whole the system crystal clear for the users.

13- InvestYourWay

This is an online account in which customers can deposit funds and then use the company’s program to invest it as per choice. Additionally, a customer can construct funds of his/her type that are individual and distinctive to the customer. The customer can then rebalance his portfolio at no extra charge but just with a click of a button.

14- Money Investment Service

This is one of the leading financial services organization which is providing both Financial and Investment related services and products. The company also provide a premier range of services to individual and institutional investors.  It includes investment advisory, strategy and planning, portfolio management and equity investment.

This company also offers various competitive investment programs with guaranteed profits. The company provides an investment option for everyone, whether it is a businessman or a retired person, a housewife or a college student. They are devoted to the client’s investment needs.

We hope, you found this article helpful in getting what actually asset management is what are the famous online money investment companies. Share your thoughts with us in the comment sections about the company you will go for. We would love to hear you. Good Luck!!