15+ High Yield Investment Ideas under 10K

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Investment Ideas under 10K

Establishing a business requires the risk of initial investment.  The risk denotes the profit and loss coming out of it. If the business idea is quite good and the work of advertisement has been done with due methodology, then it shall bore profit. The question arises here, what if it results in a loss? Well, in that case, everyone has to compromise at first to attain success. Moreover, one can always start from investment ideas under 10K USD.

Everyone has some skills and wants to polish their skills along with the expectation of earning money from it. But they all go through hard times like deciding the business idea, where they should invest? Which idea would end up long term? So one should not worry about loss as it is part of the business, all they have to do is to put all the effort one can.

Every established businessman started from the scratch and has faced these entire crises, but what makes him established is never giving up. If a person wants to invest in a business idea they should always start with investment ideas under 10K USD. Profit or loss is part or every business, even in established one. Therefore, if that investor has invested less than 10K USD, there would not be much whining about the loss, it occurred. Whereas, if the initial investment result into maximum growth than that investor can invest more, keeping the future of business in mind.

Investment Ideas under 10K: Betterment

Betterment is an online investment management platform, which allows autopilot investing? One would wonder that what auto-pilot is investing. As Betterment provides such virtual autopilot situation, it is handing over your investment to robot advisor. This robot advisor handles all the investment for you such as investment selection, asset allocation, rebalancing, and tax preparation. Moreover, all this management done by robot advisor costs reasonable fees.

Investment Ideas under 10K

The annual management fees are just 0.35% or $35 on an account up to $10,000. Moreover, it decreases to 0.25% when the account exceeds more than $10,000. When one’s account reaches $100,000 the annual management drops down to 0.15%. $10,000 will not buy you much invested in diversification with individual stock as compared to Betterment.

High Yielding Savings Account

For safe investment, a person can always invest in a high yielding savings account. The most prominent field regarding this is online banks. Furthermore, they provide checking, savings, and certificates of deposits. Online banks acquire all the advantages as a traditional bank acquires. Such as credit card and  ATM access.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Resume Services

Finding the ideal words to depict why individuals’ skills, experience, and interests make them right candidate for a job. Resume services keep on flourishing in spite of the way that the vast majority have the instruments to compose their own. Moreover, in the event that you are a scholar with HR, administration, or organization foundation, this service is perfect.

Investment Ideas under 10K

The best part of resume services is that you can start from low budgets, like typing resumes at home. To start a business of resume services, one should start writing them at home that can add up few hundred dollars in your pocket. However, one can write resumes along with the portfolios or descriptions in LinkedIn profiles as the client requires.

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is the best post for the people who love to shop. Moreover, one can start personal shopper for the people who are too busy to buy gifts for special occasions. Therefore, one can always get a great amount of income if they can target such customers. Personal shopper’s services may include makeovers for people who do not know what is trending. Moreover, they can also help them to buy the perfect gifts for loved ones at their birthdays or weddings. Not only this, the personal shoppers can also be hired by interior designers. They can be hired to collect the unique art from flea markets, garage sale, antique shops and impress their bosses with their creativity.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Children’s Party Service

One should always thank the competition going on everyone’ life. Due to which people do have a very busy schedule but they do love their children as well. They can invest as much as they have to make their children happy. For this very purpose, the children’s party service can earn by making choices according to children’s favorite fantasies. The children’s party services have two choices.

  • One, to arrange the party at clients’ place.
  • Two, to arrange a party at a rented place.

Investment Ideas under 10K

What their children need is the most important thing in this business. Children’s party service should always keep the theme their children want. The decoration should be done according to it. In addition, the food, entertainment, stage games, contests these all should be done so carefully to make your service most wanted. Moreover, the investment is to be made in this business is under 2K which is quite reasonable. It also provides a huge amount of monthly income.

Cake and Cupcake Bakery

This is the great business idea for the people who love to bake. The people with great baking skills with an extraordinary element in their baking should pursue this business idea. To start a business, a person should always do a great job regarding the advertisement. If people are unaware of your skills and products you are providing, will not be profitable at all. Moreover, the social media is the best place to provide recognition to one’s work. The person has to do is to make a Facebook page and let people know about his/ her talent the most innovative way as possible.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Moreover, with the idea of cake and cupcake bakery, a person should get a rented kitchen. Furthermore, they should also contact wedding planners, event coordinators, restaurants, and catering company. Through this, they all will get to know about the specialty of cakes one can sell.

Music Instructor

If one knows how to sing, play the instrument, then this idea is best to go for. There are two options

  • One, to give classes at home.
  • Two, to give glasses at a rented shop.

Investment Ideas under 10K

To start giving classes can be the initial stage of the business. As the business grows the instructor should start investing which would not more than 10K. These investment ideas under 10K can be conducted, by hiring different teachers, manager and buying instrument by the mutual fund. Or they all can divide the fees coming from the business. Moreover, this business can be more profitable if the lessons are given one-on-one in the group. This can save time for other students.

Arts and Crafts Instructor

Are you good at arts and crafts? Then why are you wasting your time by not utilizing your skill? If one is good at arts and crafts they should always go for selling this skill. This can be done by teaching others your skill such as painting, knitting, printmaking. As the art is the most approachable aspect of the fields. It has been growing since ages. Therefore, teaching arts and crafts would be the most profitable business. One can always give lessons at home or at rented commercial space. There should be an investment plan so the profit coming from such business can be calculated.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Online Researcher

If one is considered to be a good researcher by the researchers being made in the library for the papers. Then this business plan is perfect for minimum investment.  It can be both home-based business and that person can get hired from a company. Moreover, there are two ways to this kind of business.

  • The person can compile data and information on a specific topic. Then any client looking for such topic can bid on such information and buy it.
  • The person can get hired from a company and asks him to compile information and data specific to the topic. Finally, that person can get paid for his services.

Investment Ideas under 10K

However, there is investment being made in the research, the person can claim charges for the hours being spent. The appropriate rate for charging for an hour is $25-$35, which can be quite profitable monthly income.

Social Media Consultant

It is the most understandable thing, that people with established business have a busy schedule. They do not get time to keep their information updated on social media. Whereas, social media is the platform where people get more awareness regarding the products hence that businessman is missing out a lot. Therefore, being a social media consultant can be a very profitable position here.

Investment Ideas under 10K

You can help the company to get their product’s information being updated on social media. Furthermore, this will become an essential element of the business to be more enhanced. You can provide your services to different restaurants, personal businesses service, local retailers or other business owners.

Digital Advertising Consultant

The era of online business has been prevailing since ages. These all online business require online website through which the advertisement can be done. Therefore, If you have the skills of digital advertising such as search engine optimization, this can be your ideal job. You can advertise for many online franchises which can help them to go from top to bottom. All you have to do is to execute your services to the best.

Investment ideas under 10K

Floral Designer

If one loves flowers and aware of their kinds then it is the best option to start floral designing services. Although, there are education programs which help people to is more regarding this aspect. Moreover, they all can start from small business ideas which require investment. The investment may require all the other material to showcase the design. These materials may include foam, wire, or tape. To extend the business, the floral designer must set compliances with wedding planners, catering companies, and funeral homes.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Fashion Accessories Designer

If one is good at designing fashion accessories, then that person should always go this business. Moreover, one can design their pieces of arts and sell it. The mandatory part comes here is the advertisement of such business plan. Hence, the advertisement method can always boost a business to the top so it should be mandated properly.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Fitness Trainer

The craze for being fit has been increasing in the US recently. This is a great opportunity to avail the income by providing fitness training. Moreover, it has different categories Child fitness training, training for disabled people and personal training. They all need a professional guidance. One can open their own training studio and offer one-on-one programs. In addition, according to the training, and nutrition requirements one can also provide nutrition coaching.  Training in fitness clubs, spas, hotels, camps, schools, and resorts is also other money making options in this field.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Furniture Repairs and Refurnishing

If one is good with wood and upholstery one should go for furniture repairing. As this field involves repairing office, residential furniture, and refinishing antique furniture, this can be a good option. Moreover, this business can be run on a mobile basis. This basis involves a van, which can move to the client’s place and repair or refinish it there.  Furthermore, the potential customers can be office movers, business owners, hotel, retailers, restaurants, and property managers. Moreover, the business can be expanded by advertising.

Investment Ideas under 10K

To advertise such business compliances should be made with antique dealers or interior designers. They can refer your work to clients. You can also earn money by going to auction or garage sales in need of repairing material.  Once the furniture’s are repaired and furnished one can sell them on consignment shops or collector’s shows.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is the new emerging industry, with same factors as that of residential cleaning. But it has to be done at a commercial level.  In addition, the plus point in commercial cleaning is that it should be done at night or weekends. The advantage counts for those who want to keep their day work to make extra money. Moreover, the rate of commercial cleaning is more than that of residential cleaning. The reason is that the equipment and cleaning material used are more in quantity as compared.  Moreover, the night work is more costly as it enables premium charge.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Advertising is necessary for boosting all kinds of businesses. Therefore, even in this business, one needs to advertise their work. This can be done by visiting a business in your community to know if they require your services. One can also buy commercial cleaning contracts which are a common practice in the industry. The investment made in this business is less than 100K USD.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning is the gerat initiative for investment idea under 10K. This is very competitive business as there are 8,000 wedding planners in the US. But as 2.5 million people get hitched so it is the most profitable business one can say. Moreover, people are so busy in their lives that it is impossible for them to execute a perfect wedding they want. Therefore, hiring a wedding consultant is the best option a couple finds. From decoration to last moment crisis, all is dealt by the wedding planner. Hence, whoever is planning to be a wedding planner must always keep these things in mind that a person must be calm and knows how to manage time.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Pet Photographer

In the age of social media, everyone wants likes on their pets’ pictures. For perfect pictures, these may require the help of a professional. If you love animals and good at photography do opt for this job. This business can be on a mobile basis where you can go to clients place and take their pets photos. Moreover, these services can be provided on a home basis where clients can bring their pets to your home studio. You can creative to your work as well by using backgrounds. Also, you can earn money by making clips of client’s pets and add music in the background.

Adding to your business, you may also make greeting cards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, and mugs with pet’s picture on it.

Investment Ideas under 10K

Sales Trainer

If you have the knowledge and skills regarding negotiation and closing the sale, this is the business plan for you. Furthermore, you can extend your services to training clients with your knowledge. The clients may include managers, small business owners, and executives. You can also train students through conference calls, workshops, and seminars. Hence you will make money this way and also increase the client’s list and it is the best investment idea under 10K.

Investment Ideas under 10K


There are many high yielding investment ideas under 100K USD. The only thing one has to do is to find the right business plan according to one’s skill.  Investment is not going to help you in building a business, an idea does. Moreover, the execution of the idea is more important as well. But depending on the idea only can be risky at times. Therefore, one should make an investment plan, according to which the business should be initiated. IT is the best advice that the business should be started at low scale. If the business turns out to be profitable, then the investment should be extended. Hence, the enlisted business ideas above are the most reliable ideas in investment should be made. For more related articles please visit Online Money Investment.